Bonnie The Dog

I want to be a driving doggy when i grow up!

After my little mad day out with the ginger nuts, i went out with mummy and daddy in the car. We went with daddy out to see his friends, but not many people turned up. I was a tired girlie so slept a lot of the time but when i was awake i found my new favoriteist thing to do!

I was pretending to be a race car driver!

bonnie_race_car_driver.jpgI WANNA GO FAST!


My dad wouldnt let me actually drive the car, maybe next time eh!

One reply on “I want to be a driving doggy when i grow up!”

hello my baby, guess what your grandma is going to teach you lots more naughty things, like what her ginger dogs do. Dont worry babe your mum and dad will blame me not you, just remember what I taught you that when they tell you off give em the sad puppy eyes it works everytime. Cant wait for our next big walk
Love Grannie and the RED dogs (not ginger)

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