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Even tesco petrol prices suck

I have always been fairly patient with things like petrol prices, and the last year even more so as i haven’t really had a car that i have had to put petrol in. Ok, so put the odd tenner in Gems Polo now and then if im using it – but ive not given the price of petrol much thought for ages.

Then i noticed that tesco at oak tree in mansfield had their unleaded prices set at 100.9 a litre.  WHAT! Now id expect to pay that much on the motorway, or doon south where everything is more expensive.. But for fucks sake! This is mansfield! Petrol is always cheap round here!

Then 5 days later i am at tesco again – and they have put the prices up AGAIN! I was lost for words!

Tesco petrol price increase twice in a week

I had to take a photo, and post it somewhere – i was genuinely SHOCKED when i saw it. Down at sainsburys near the cinema (the last time i checked) their petrol was JUST under£1 a litre – it was at 99.8 or something. Now i know we are talking pence here, an its not mega bucks – but its just heartbreaking to watch the money thing spinning round faster than the one that shows you how much petrol you’ve put in on the pumps..

With increasing petrol prices, huge fines for all aspects of motoring, speeding tickets, parking fines… It makes me wonder what they will do next to try and con more money out of the hard working motorists of the UK.

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Asda and Morrisons are the cheapest around at the minute.
Morrisons is clightly better for me as its about the same distance as asda, AND I have just got a morrisons points card. You get so many points per litre and when you reach 5000 you get a fiver voucher for instore. Fair enough 5000 is a lot of points, but I got 50 the other day for putting a tenner in.
At the rate I put pertol in at the minute, Should only take me about 6 weeks!

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