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My First Sleepover

I have had the most fun this weekend! Here is why..

My mum and dad had planned a night where their human friends were coming round to play way before i came to the house, so i was going to stay with my grandma lorrain and her two crazy ginger doggys. I was looking forward to seeing them, but i was sad as my daddy was going out in the morning and i wasnt gonna see him till sunday – plus after mum dropped me off i wouldnt see her till sunday either! ๐Ÿ™ So we all had lots of cuddles and kisses in the morning before dad went out.


Dad went off with uncle scott, and mum took me to grandma’s house for my very first ever sleepover!!

We went out in the car again, but mum put my cage in this time so that i was safe in the car and didnt make mummy crash! I fell asleep but mum waked me up when we got to grandma’s and this is where the fun started!

bonnie-sleepover4.jpg bonnie-sleepover5.jpgbonnie-sleepover1.jpg

I got to play with my two new ginger friends, one of them (the older doggy Ruby) usually doesnt like playing but she played with me lots as i think im betterer than other doggys ๐Ÿ™‚ Keira played with me too but she is scared of me cos im the boss! And she knows it!

I also got to play with my uncle oliver who is mum’s little brother and he has lots of toys i like to steal – one of them is a strange metal worm thingy – it was fun to watch it fall down the stairs! Oh, and i played with aunty Zoe and grandad Drew – i like grandad drew he is warm and i liked to fall asleep behind him when he was sat down on the settee.

I had fun and although i missed my mummy and daddy – i slept most of the morning cos them ginger doggys had worn me out! Then, when I opened my eyes once my daddy was there! I was very excited and he said he had missed me lots and lots and lots. he kept cuddling and kissing me in front of my new mates it was VERY embarrassing! I had to leave then and go back in the car with daddy. I had fun but i was ready for hometime cos them dogs wore me out so much!

We got in and mummy was there so i had lots more cuddles and kisses then too! Some of my mums friends had stopped over, they were called aunty leggy and uncle wrighty.. They bought me a new toy its called a Badgerbearspider as it doesnt know what it is! haha

THEN the best thing EVER happened!! MY BROTHER CAME ROUND TO PLAY!! Oh i had missed him so much! But he had forgotten who the boss was so we had some play fights until he remembered! he knows now though ๐Ÿ˜‰


So i had the most busiest weekend ever! Played with 4 different doggys and went in the car lots! I can’t wait until im a bit older as then im allowed out for walkies and i can go for big walks with my mummydog, and all my bro’s and sisters ๐Ÿ™‚

I go back to the nasty vet man the day before my daddys birthday but they say im not allowed out for a few more days after that!

Got to go, dad has to do some work now!

Until next time!

Bonnie xx

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