Why can’t it always be like that?

On Saturday, many of us got together to celebrate the Marriage of Helen and Phil.  I have known them both for many years, and i was not about to miss their most special day!

I arrived with Gemma and HSB, and there were already many people there as they had all been to the actual wedding in the daytime.

Im not gonna go into too much detail about what happened, or who did what. I just wanted to blog about the awesome atmosphere there was. Everyone was getting along, and everyone was speaking to each other.

Recently there has been quite a few disturbances in the force, many people falling out, and its just generally been shit. But for this one night, probably so as not to ruin the newly wed’s occasion, everyone got on fine. Everyone was talking to everyone. And it was awesome 🙂

It upset me a bit if im honest, as surely everyone can get along all the time?

Isnt life too short for petty arguments?

I guess people will do what they want, and will like and dislike who they want.

I just wish that people would play nice and get along all the time. I know that there will always be the little sub groups, but when all together like at the wedding, or at a show, it doesn’t hurt to say hello to that person that your not really all that fond of. It doenst hurt to make the effort,and show everyone that your a lot more grown up than everyone perceeves you to be.

NB – this is not directly aimed at ANYONE. Its just a general observation of a situation that occurred.

If anyone who has beef with another maxxd member reads this, then just reassess the situation please. What do you have to gain from being stubbern and holding this grudge? Can you even rmember what started the disruption?

Please, end the war. Lets be friends.

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I felt guilty when I finally spotted the cow, I’d been so busy swapping my shoes in the car I’d not seen it.
Luke and Jack were talking about the moo cow and I told them there wasnt one and in the end snapped at them a bit.
Low and behhold, I step out the car and theres a moo cow staring in Lukes window at him lol

Firstly, where was the hotel trashing? (although the roof antics were a bit childish) secondly, I loved the atmosphere too but I did carefully invite people who I knew were grown up enough and thoughtful enough to put any arguments aside, and thirdly I had an awsome night and I’m so happy that every1 made the effort (especially you Ol for dusting off the suit 😉

Hahaha, i didnt go on the roof? I am to scared i would fall through..

The suit has been put back in its place on my clothes rail.. right at the end, not to be used again for years 😆

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