Starbucks Milk Turns Sour

I have never liked the brand “Starbucks” – I feel paying so much money for a cup of coffee, is just criminal. So when i read this entry on Forbes, a smile crept on my face.

In a nutshell, Starbucks is going BAD! The fact there are so many competitors, and the cost of dairy products going through the roof causing starbucks to have to put their prices up twice in a year, means that many people favour cheaper alternatives from Maccys or other coffee outlets.

I know i eat at subway, and they do just basically sell sandwiches for twice as much as anyone else does (like starbucks does with coffee) but these two companies are in different leagues. You cant buy a subway style sandwich from anywhere but subway. You can buy a cappa-frickin-chino from tescos.

Whilst searching for starbucks logos, and other such crap, i stumbled upon this little gem from a guy who discusses the history behind the starbucks logo.

Its mad what you find on the internet!

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I like paying over the odds for a coffee! Makes me feel better… altho like i told you the other night… i’m trying to cut down! You know what i’m like with Coffee mate 😆

Yeah, but starbucks is just a rip off..

its BLATENTLY a place where sad people with too much money go as a fashion statement…

then again, im a broke ass scrooge mother fucker 🙁 so i would say that!

Have you been to any big city and looked for deli’s? lol.
You can get the same as Subway allover the place, I think there were about ten of the places in Manchester within a five minute walk of work! Some of them with more choice and better more exotic fillings too! the only difference being that some of them actually mae the bread, from scratch, instead of frozen preformed dough that they shoved in an oven.
I think in a couple of years time, places like subway will be the equivalent to Starbucks, people jump on the bandwagon and places that used to be unusual suddenly start appearing everywhere.
Having spent way too many hours in way too many diferent coffee shops (And having worked in a couple too) Im with Wigglesworth, Starbucks is bloody gorgeous! lol

Yeah, thats a big city tho em.

You walk round the little town of mansfield, and you can still buy a crappachino from any food type shop…

You cant get a subway sub!

That proves that the market is swamped with over-priced coffee houses, and that the overpriced sandwich market is not that big yet!

To be honest ive stopped going in subway as of late, as it gets a bit boring!

I think im gonna start a food franchise that sells coffee, cakes and sarnies for prices that are realistic!

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