Getting Second Life to work on my computer

I had been informed of second life by a mate of mine a while back, and i had tried to install it then, with no joy. Im using a Toshiba Satellite S1400-203, and its not the newest laptop in the world but it manages to run pretty much anything i throw at it.

But not second life.

When i install it, and run it, i get the part at the bottom of the screen to log in, and the top part remains blank, where there should be tree’s and second lifey stuff. At first i just presumed it was something to do with the fact my laptop is gettin on a bit, but then i tried it on my girlfriend brand new Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop, that is running vista and runs anything you throw at it better than most..

Still wouldnt work.

After a few google searches, i found that i wasnt the only person having problems getting SL to work on their machines. It appears that even though SL work closely with Intel (the people who make processors and graphics cards and stuff) their game/program is not supported by most Intel graphics cards!

Whats the deal with that??

We can run everything fine on that laptop, Sims2 included.. Yet she cant use SL cos the graphics card used by her brand new laptop, isnt supported.

I wish my blog could reach the people of intel/SL and i wish it would make them recode their application to support all intel chipsets, especially the mobile 965 one 🙂 I just cant understand how something so huge, doesnt support one of the most common forms of modern graphics cards?!

At least im not the only person in the world that thinks it sucks!

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