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Leammings, Spa’s and Trax 2007

It feels only about a month ago, i was looking forward to the 2007 modified car show season, and now that season is over! trax, is traditionaly the last show of the year – and is always one of the best.

For some reason, the 07 season show-goers have been seriously lacking in numbers, not just from MAXXD, but from every club going. A few of the clubs have shut down this year, one being For someone like myself, its a very sad thing to see as i have been a part of this scene for the last 5 years – and seeing so many great cruises, shows, and amazing times – its horrible to think that in a few more years time, if the trends continue, that this scene will nearly disappear altogether!

But less of the future, lets talk about the final show of the year! It started with a very early start on the friday, 8:00am roughly – and just packed the final things we needed for the show (as we had packed most of the stuff the day before)

We headed off down the M1, to trowel services as that is where the small convoy that was leaving on the friday moring was going from. There was only 3 cars in this morning convoy, Me & Gemma, Scott & HSB, Wardo & Laura and Mak. We left about 9:15am off down the M1 at a nice steady 60-70mph.

The journey went fine, until scott decided to drive straight past the junction we needed, and down some random roads, only to stop down some back country lane and shrug his shoulders to wardo in a kind of “i dont know where the fuck im going” kinda way. We had come off at J15 instead of J15a, so back to the motorway and back down to J15a then the route became familur and we carried on the way we needed to go. Just off the last roundabout, and we were behind scott (he was leading) when he came off the inside lane of a roundabout, and cut a lorry up.. Obviously the lorry didnt get time to stop or swerve in time, so CRUNCH. He hit the back of scotts car and they both stopped just after the roundabout.

It was so crazy, as me and gem kind of watched it happen, but a bad move by scott, and a fast paced undertaking lorry driver = £250 worth of damage, and a 15 minute delay to our arrival at whittlebury hall.

Anyway, after this little incident we set back off and shortly arrived at the campsite, sun out, empty campsite (apart from duane and them lot who ALWAYS arrive before us) we broke into the maxxd campsite.. We had arrived!

As usual, we set up sat back and started enjoying the weekend. But the lack of numbers meant the show was off to a slow start. The first night in my opinion was the best, random trips around the hotel grounds, golf course, nearby woods and around the fairly empty camp site. Last year on the Friday night the camp site was swarming, this year it was empty!

I hit the sack about 11:30pm, as i was really tired, and fancied a kip. I didnt wake up till about 11am and had a brilliant sleep even though i had slept on a mole hill or something. I got up and did the usual wake and bake routene i did every morning, at every show. Then we minced around for the rest of the day till the evening, and we all had a early night on the saturday, as we had to be up VERY early for the show.

Sunday morning, sunshine, and a trip round the back of silverstone into trax show via the back door 😉 Dave had managed to obtain 2 tickets for us, so me and gem could get access to the show and see what trax 07 had to offer. We managed to blag our way to the stand as we didnt have a stand pass – i just kept telling people i had stuff i needed to take to the stand.. Haha, works every time!

We got there, cleaned the polo and wandered around the show. Now, im going to speak my mind, as this is my blog, and my opinions. I was walking down past the poxhall stands.. And for a minute, i thought i was browsing the new car range at my local VX dealership. There was a row of nearly totally standard vauxhall astra’s . New ones too, not even standard retro ones.. NEW astras…?

I noticed FAR too many nearly standard cars! I know gems car isnt the most modded, but for fucks sake – i went to see modified cars, not cars that some fucker had gone and bought that day.

I really think the shows need to rethink who they let in or something, or its gonna tunr from uber ace modified cars shows held at bangin’ locations all over the UK, to boring new car shows that top gear host at the NEC.. BORING BORING BORING!!!!

Newth mentioned that when the club is properly formed, that we’ll have to start being more hard on people, and basically saying NO if their car isnt stand worthy. We are going to modified car shows, not asda car parks.

Anyway, to summarise, the show was good. But not good enough. The camping was good, but again, not good enough. Roll on next year for some planned entertainment and some awesome times!

We left the show fairly early as we had to drive back to mansfield, then up to warwick as gemma had some training to do on monday and tuesday. We arrived at the hotel, filled the bathroom with hot water and bubbles (yes the whole bathroom) and then had a early night in a king size bed with 6 pillows and the biggest duvet you have ever seen!

Today, i have mostly been doing a few bits and bobs on the computer, and fetching gem from her training. I havent really been able to get back into the swing of things r.e. work  as it seems that ive been away from the office for weeks!

We visited the spa tonight, in between warwick and leamington, and saw lots of people who we could only describe as leammings 😆 wierd people who look and sound wierd and live in a place called leamington spa. The spa was awesome, sauna, jaccuzi, swimming pool.. it was very relaxing!

Im off to my king size bed now, as there is a sleeping gemma awaiting me to cuddle up to.

Peace out homies,

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that read like you wrote that Olly!

It’s sad you didn’t enjoy the show/camping. Last year (even with hospital n all that) was absolutely awesome. This year (show season) there doesn’t seem to have been any hype for the shows or any “i’m gonna sabatage Olly’s tent” kinda antics!

Perhaps we all need to plan some messing around before we get too old!!

Peace x

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