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Madeleine – Dead? Still Missing…

I went to get some deezil today, and this caught my eye as it was in huge letters on the front of a newspaper..

“Detectives ‘now believe Madeleine died by accident'”

Anyone that reads my blog, will know that from the start, i have not believed a word of what the McCanns or the the general public have been saying. I have felt that there has been something else going on, and the McCanns knew about it.

You only have to read back a few blog entries to see my theories, and it turns out that this is now what many detectives working the case seem to think.

“Portuguese detectives now favour the theory that Madeleine McCann died in a tragic accident in the family’s holiday apartment, it has emerged.

The three senior officers leading the inquiry are all but certain she died on the night she vanished.

They are ‘leaning towards’ the conclusion that she was not intentionally killed, according to police sources.”

Im just shocked that im reading this on something that isnt my blog! In a way im glad that people are warming to the idea, as i kinda felt a bit wrong for thinking all this – but now it seems that according to the press more and more people are starting to realise that there may be more to this case than meets the eye.

“Detectives have stressed several times that neither the McCanns, both 39-year-old doctors, nor the friends they were holidaying with are suspects.

One possibility is a botched burglary, in which thieves panicked and tried to silence Madeleine. But Mr McCann said: “This is wild speculation.”

Interesting theory there, A theif notices a large wealthy family, and go’s into the apartment expecting to find it empty, finds its got 3 kids in it and maddy kicks off as they are neither friends or mum and dad.. But if this is the case, then why did no one hear any screams? How did they get a body of a little girl out of there, without ANYONE seeing!?

Personally, i think the answer to this riddle lies within the minds of the McCanns, as they are the only people that wouldnt of rasied any attention or questions if they were saw walking from the apartment with what looked like a “Sleeping” child. Horrible thought, i know, but things like that CAN push people so far, they what they tell each other, and what they belive to be true, becomes the truth, and the actual truth behind their terrible secret becomes a distant memory.

It would explain why Kate always looks traumatised, and why the forceful Jerry always takes the leads during interviews. He’ll probably be able to belive something “Made up” quite easily, whereas the mother of madeleine probably cant therefore he does the talking and he tell’s her to make her guilt look like sadness.

I dont want to offend people i am mearly giving my point of view. And so far, my theories havent been far wrong!

Again, i hope that all this is bullshit, and maddy is found. But i cant help having these opinions!

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oooooooooh i’ve been meaning to talk to you about this.

Last week Helen saw a psychic and she reckons that Maddies dead, it’s somet to do with her Mum AND her body is close to where they are staying!!!

Let’s wait and see eh 😉

Yeah, i breifed the psycic before H went haha..

seriously tho, it would explain why the mum stays silent, while the dad does all the talking…

mgiht she be scared of letting something slip, that would later be relied upon in a court of law?!

I agree that everything doesn’t add up yeah, Its all a bit odd really.
But dont forget that girl that got abducted in America and they found her EIGHTEEN years later and she was captured in the middle of the day. The only person that saw it happen was her stepdad and he couldnt go after them or something.
But anyway, if they get capture herr, it cant be hard at night, especially if it was someone local, which it will have been, they would know the place well.
I think its plausable that they could have killed her by accident, but that was at the beginning. Its still three years on and theyre still pushing for her to be found so i dont think they did kill her, because everyone is starting to forget about it now so they would have just let it go and faded out of the media.
Also,if they did give her sleeping tablets, they are doctors arent they, they wouldnt do anything dangerous!

Then again, I really dont know because if that book got published by tht portugeuse police guy saying they killed her, then everyone might have caught on to it and they would havbe got found out.

Either way it just doesnt add up does it, Theres something hidden that people are missing because it juust doesnt make sense! (:

You watched that programm last night, too then!

I think she was a bit too young to of been stolen to father children though!!!

I Hope! :S

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