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There must be nothing better than waking up in the morning, having a shower, eating some food, and going about my day doing anything and everything that i wanted safe in the knowledge that the websites i own or have created are sitting there earning me a living 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Well its not quite making us a living on its own yet, but dave and I have been playing with Adsense for a while, and to be honest its not the best payer as people are getting wise to “Text Ad’s” as they are still blatentley adverts – and “Content specific” or not, people just dont click on them.

As im a active torrent hunter, i visit many torrent websites, and one of them used a new ad service called, Auction Ads. The adverts displayed are from eBay, and contain auctions that depend on whatever keywords you choose. So they do not pick content up from your site (Adsense picks up the wrong words sometimes, and doenst display relevant ad’s at all) it works from keywords that you choose, and therefore can control them a lot easier.

When we first started using it, it seemed to be pretty good. We seemed to earn like, £30 in a month or two – yet now it seems to of dropped off massively. I have contacted them on the 19th because the stats dont seem to be being recorded on their site. It prompted a blog entry from them, but it seems the stats still are not being recorded, and therefore no revenue at all is baing made (or at least being recorded)

They assure me the data IS still there, and i wont of lost anything, but im not holding my breath. I might look for another ad providor, which would be a shame as i really like the way Auction Ads works, and it sometimes finds really cool kicks and displays them on my sites so i dont even have to visit eBay myself haha!

Sort it out auction ads, or your gonna start losing customers!

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