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What am i missing

I have been working from gemma’s mum’s house for a week, and they have the internet here, and im just so amazed that i have survived so long at my house without it! It has allowed me to do alsorts of stuff that i shouldnt be spending my daytime doing, like updating my blog, and sticking adverts everywhere.

It has also give me a taster of what it would be like doing my day to day job at home, and it rules! I seem to get more done when im sat in a very relaxed environment – and it also helps to have Jeramy Kyle on in the background, so that i can see that my life isn’t all that bad afterall! 😉

Its also been a fantastic insight into what it would be like if me and gem lived together by ourselves, and its been brilliant. We havent fallen out, we have managed to look after the house, Ruby (the family dog) and Keira (the new family puppy) – and ourselves  just fine, although it has been stressful at times with the dogs! Puppies, eh!

Anyway, Ive had my laptop on my lap all day, and i think ive fried all my babies, so im going now. Ill probably update in a day or two, as i seem to be gettin the blog bug back a bit 🙂


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You’re right, you could run your business in a much more cost effective manner from home.

All you need to do is this:

source and get fitted a decent value ADSL line each
Ditto on the best value phoneline pakcage you can get
Decide on a proffessional looking meeting venue/conference place type thingy that you can use when you actually need to meet people face to face
decide if the current or future benefits of having an office make the costs of having one worthwhile

Ifn it’s future benefits do costing plans for keeping the office and leaving the office/getting a new one when you need one.

Doing exactly the same thing has changed the focus for us and our business from setting up a shop to investing and running it from home.


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