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TV Adverts Louder than the Programmes

I know that this is one of those situations that affects and annoys everyone, and if im perfectly honest – i thought a law had already been passed to ensure this doesn’t happen, but apparently not.

The Committee of Advertising Practice appear to be trying to get that law we all so desperately want, passed. [click]

1.2       This consultation document sets out BCAP’s proposed revision of rule 6.9.  Both the existing rule and BCAP’s proposed rule aim to minimise the annoyance that can be caused to audiences by television advertisements either exceeding an upper sound limit or being generally perceived as too loud.  BCAP’s proposed rule is intended to provide clearer technical guidance to broadcasters to help them achieve the rule’s twin objectives and, thereby, offer better protection to audiences from unduly loud advertisements.

Unfortunatley like all things like this, they’ll find a way round it. They should just write “it is illegal to play adverts louder thant TV programs” instead of all this mumbo jumbo they write instead.

Ill keep me eyes on that site, and see what the outcome is.

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