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Madeleine McCann – Case Update – Murdered?

Well, are’nt these further developments on the maddy case interesting!

I dont mean to sound like a ass, but GOD DAMM i knew something dodgy was going off. I know nothing has been confirmed, but surely claims like this wouldnt be being made if she wasnt really a suspect!

In a shocking twist, the British parents who have run an international campaign to find their missing toddler were declared suspects in the case Friday, their lawyer said, after traces of blood were found in their rental car.

I just cant belive that its actually happening, ithink many people like myself have thought this for a while to be hoenst, but many people have been too scared to speak outright due to not wanting to be labled unkind or whatever.

Anyway, im gonna wait and see how this pan’s out – before making any more presumptions.

Well, apart from i strongly belive her body will be found quite near where she went misssing.. In a shallow grave more than likley.

Poor madeleine. 🙁

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