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Why do they think they are above the law?


I was casually getting rizlas from a certain shop, in ravo, mansfield. I noticed this police car, parked a foot from the curb, right near a junction, AT A BUS STOP, with no police in it.


After i had paid a visit to the shop, i came out, sat in my car and waited for the police to return. Sure enough they came back,  with bags of chips and sausages – cooked by the chippy man next to the shop i visited.

So, they were not on official important police business, they were not solving crime, they were not blocking a road cos of some form of accident.


So why – if they were not fighitng crime – are they so special, that they get allowed to park in a fucking bus stop, that also has double yellow lines in front of it?

And its not as if they were 2 seconds either, they were there a good 10 minutes, one bus couldn’t park up cos they were in his way, and cars were having to pull into the middle of the road to drive round them.

This is getting sent to nottinghamshire police, and i want an official appology or explanation as to why these police officers seem to think that they are above the law.

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Ace – let me know how you get on. your quite right of course.

Although as from Monday i’ll be “one of them” so to speak! 😆

Oliver “not standing for the police bullshit” Mooney – ROCK ON!

I would be interested to find out what they would have to say, although to be honest I don’t expect you’d get any explanation. They’d probably just invstigate you for something crap!

Holla x

I got a reply from the IPCC, they said the police are responcible for explaining their own fuck-ups.. but ive sent it to them too and they could see that..

SO they basically said let us know what they say!

Ill give them a few days then ring them, i want answers!

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