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Bad Coppers, and Missing Little Maddy

The ray of hope that was the sighting in Belgium, of a little girl and 2 adults that didnt look, or act like her parents, took a blow on Wednesday when the DNA tests came back negative. Apparently they are not ruling out that maddy was with them, as the bottle could of been finished off by the man that was with her. The DNA does not match any records that anyone has.

I have a little issue with that, and that is that if you had taken madeleine mccann, and you were (obviously) trying not to get caught, you wouldnt just wander about taking her for bottles of coke in random belgium cafe’ now would you?!

Its like stealing the most famous thing in the world, then parading about with it on your head. It doesn’t make sense, and TBH if that’s how they are acting when in a cafe, then dont you think someone out of THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE WORLD would of seen them elsewhere?

I guess if i was in their shoes, i’d still be fighting like a trooper, but again, like i said, its gonna be so hard for them to ever move on from this, if of course the worst possible outcome becomes a reality.

Good Luck Mccans! I think your gonna need it!

In other news, can you remember a certain mother f’ckin po-leece car that thought it could break the law, in front of my eyes?

Well, i contact the police, sent them the photos and a carefully worded explanation in regards what happened, and why i was emailing in.

I got a phone call yesterday from a SGT at the nottinghamshire police HQ, he has located the offending officers, and a formal warning has been placed on their records. Haha.

He was basically asking ME what i wanted to see happen, did i want them to have a warning placed on their records? Yes i bloody did! He didnt try and excuse what they did, but he did try and back them up by sayin its an ARV (Armed response vehicle) and it needs to be in plain sight of the officer at all times.

Pffft, helllo? Can you not see that i was parked in a empty space, BANG outside the cheeep shop. So i told him that, and he shut up.

It was very satisfying though. And i cannot stress enough that if you see a police officer breaking the law, then photograph them, ad send them in to your local complaints department.

The police have to abide by the same laws we do you know!

4 replies on “Bad Coppers, and Missing Little Maddy”

Great to see the Police are taking action, I will say one thing though that I noticed Friday….. I was checking the overtime forms and some of the cops do 14-16 hours shifts. Gotta give them respect for that, they obvs needed to re-fuel, but should take more care what image they are portraying 🙂

Hahha, dave, thats not nice mate!!

Cleo, chill!

Ally, yeah, some people do 14 hour shifts stood up in factories doing the same thing for the entire shift.. They law still applies to EVERYONE, and NOTHING justifys breaking it!

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