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So much effort, so little return

Anyone that knows me, knows that for 5 years me and dave have run Its been one of the biggest parts of my life for the last 5 years, and so much money effort and time has been pumped into it its untrue.

Yet no matter how hard we try, no matter what we do, what we change, or what we dont change,  people moan.

We have had a staff member in the office today, and  there were a few things spoken about, and one was that all the main members who go to shows have apparently said that,  they wouldnt trust another person with that particular staff members job, they’d rather – if that staff member left – follow them and go to shows as a new club under a different name.

What the hell?

So 5 years of paying for web hosting, 5 years of constantly sorting petty political issues, 5 long years of taking the club marquee to shows, and putting it up, putting it down IN THE RAIN, 5 years of helping people, 5 fucking years of site updates, uploading pictures and revamps..

And just like that.. they’d all go elsewhere!

It REALLY makes it all feel worth it! 🙁

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