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Madeleine? Whos that then?

Can you remember that little girl that went missing? That girl who’s father claimed to not leave any stone unturned, and to never let the media campaign surrounding his daughters disappearance vanish. Well you have failed mate!

Fair enough, he kept the spirit of maddy alive for a lot longer than normal children that go missing, but i dont think they are any nearer knowing anything about where she is or sho took her, then they were on day 1 of the hunt.

The last news article i can find is this one that go’s on about them flying a crack team of detectives and stuff in to help find her. A bit late, dont you think?

In a way i feel that maddys parents are their own worse enemy. Becasue now, no matter where they go, or who they meet, they will be constantly reminded about the fact their daughter dissapeared, and was never found.

Usually, id imagine the parents would get over it – maybe many years later. I dont mean completley get over it, but they’d probably be able to get on with their life and jsut remember the happy times etc. But now, no chance.

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Yep, its been quiet hasnt it..

Now they are investigating the FIRST PERSON that was under suspicion THREE MONTHS AGO!

Jerry and kate have been around the world looking for her, and i bet shes 5 mins away from where she was taken!

Maddaline is an inocennt 4 year old little girl. Yes her parents have done more than humanly possible to keep her name in the limelight, in a bid to find their daughter. You have never had kids, or your caverlier attitude to the dissaperance of a child would be more understanding, when you have carried a baby for nine months inside (or watched your partner with the child growing inside her) you would show more compassion, any mother worth her salt would be in pieces if her child went missing, somthing you are unable to comprehend.
I really hope one day when you have kids that you watch them carefully, as you do not have it in your understanding to know what unconditional love is, only parents know this for their children and believe me parents never get over it, a part of you dies. Please if you no nothing about a subject, do not be so quick to comment on it!

Sorry Cleo, But I have to step in and comment too.
I know Olly Personlly, I am a mother, I have carried to children inside me for 9 months and I whilst I cannot possibly imagine the pain these people are going through I do think that there is something very strange about this. I dont think Olly is belittling the love that these parents are showing for thier child OR showing a cavalier attude towards her dissapearance, I think he is merely saying that Whilst The Family is under so much press attention they will never fully be able to realx that search. I wouldnt be able to if I was them, but whilst other parents who’s children vanish can move to a different area, or step back from the limelight this particular family will never be able to do that because there daughters face is plastered everywhere and everyone knows their names.
Its a very emotive subject and not everyon will agree with each other, Howver I dont think saying Olly does not have it in his understanding to know what unconditional love is is rather harsh.
He didnt poitn fingers, he didnt sa anthng imflamatory at all. He merely commented on the lack of private life they will have for the rest of thier lives…..

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