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Massif week of updates

Well, it all started off as some research into new hosting, the pros and con’s of it and the implications in actualy porting all the maxxd server over to a new host.

Now, its thursday and everything is moved.

I just need to sort the nameservers out, as i cannot figure out why they dont work. There is config needed on the 123-reg end, and the server end. And its gettin them to play nicely together thats prooving a pain in the arse.

Were moved over now, maxxd is on 1 hosting account of its own, and all the clients have their own server like they had before. Except its PART managed, and should hopefully not have as much stuff go wrong with it.

Im shitting myself tho, as even though the data across – there is a lot more to do yet.

Blogs now at too, instead of  – but the blog URL still comes to this blog.

Arrg, my head hurts!

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