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olstar VS Lloydstsb

Some of you may know that i have been trying to get my bank charges back from LloydsTSB, and they totalled roughly £1700.

The first step was to add up the total charges, and list what they were for. Theni had to submit a default letter to Lloydstsb asking for my charges back. A few weeks later they replied saying in a slightly more template-like manner “No, fuck off”

So the website i was using at the time told me to send default letter 2 as thi sone included the points that i would take matters to court if they didnt give me my money. They replied and as a gesture of good will they paid me £750 over my 3 accounts. Not bad, but its not what im owed is it!

So, the next step was – i had to pay £120 to start the court proceedings, and then once it had been transferred to my local court i had to pay an additional “Allocation Fee” as the case had been allocated to the small claims court or something.

Anyway, various paperwork changed hands, and the Judge at the county court presented both myself and Lloyds with a “Order”  This order instructed me to – basically – Tell him, why i thought the changes were unlawful, and i had to provide info from past court cases that were in regards penalty charges. I also had to present detailed info on the charges i had got, what they were for and why etcetc..

Lloydstsb had to reply with a shit load of stuff by 28th June 2007 @ 4:00pm! And guess what? They didnt! And as they had not complied with the order it was automatically struck out and i won!

I checked my bank balance on friday, and i nearly shit myself. No overdraft, no blackness.. Just money!

if anyone reading this is thinking of getting their bank charges back, or is half way through and are considering giving up, DONT! Its taken me nearly a year, but it paid off!

Use these sites for help, you wont need anything else.

Good luck!

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