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Paris Hiltons New Book – Prison Diary/Jail Journal

I hear paris is gonna write a book while she was in prison. Using my expert “looking-into-the-future” powers i was able to see the front cover of it even before its been made.

Paris is hoping that her prison experience will give her a valuable lesson in life. When questioned about wether or not she thought prison would reform her, she replied;

“Oh my god, i was like, only driving my car. The food in here is SO not gourmet – im like, oh my gosh, where is the body lotion – oh my gosh, this is not HOT! I was like, oh my god.. wheres my mommy?”

Paris new book entitled “My First Jail Sencence” will hopefully inspire young people to get their minges out, drink drive and smoke crack. Just another step towards the complete demise of society, i mean towards “the paris era”


3 replies on “Paris Hiltons New Book – Prison Diary/Jail Journal”

Hahaha, awesome front cover! 😀

I think Paris should be forced to serve her jail sentence with me. In my room. Now.

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