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Do you think you are better than everyone? Do you think you have more right to be somewhere, or have something than other people? Well if you do, you are incorrect.

I would say that as my life go’s – im at my lowest in terms of money and stuff then ive ever been in my life. But im happy, mostly, so its no bother. But i look about me and pretty much envy everyone around me as they have money to burn or if not money to burn, just money to spend! As i look about envying people – i take note of their personalities and i have to say, some people really talk a lot of shit!

One example is this guy who works in the same building as us. He drives a flash car, has a trophy wife on his arm and has lots, and lots of money. I had to squeeze out my car one morning as he had taken up 1.5 parking spaces, as i got out and shut my door he was coming to get back in his car – i nodded and said “Morning” as anyone with any manners would. He stared at me as if to say “how dare you talk to me” then got in his car and drove off. It wouldnt of fucking hurt you to say Hi, or morning back you ignorant fucking gypo.

Another example, is that of a few maxxd members that seem to deem themselves better than everyone else – just cos they have been clinging on for 5 years. I have told them many times that everyone gets treated the same – but still they seem to think they are above everyone else and that the rules dont apply to them. Well, things in that area will change soon and to them the changes are probably not welcomed. But hey ho, you cant please everyone!

It really winds me up tho, as all it takes is a bit of manners, or for someone to get off their high horse and just be normal – and all these problems wouldn’t exist. I guess that concept proves too hard for some. Its a shame πŸ™

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Ermmm but i am above everyone specially the law!

did you not learn that already! And i only have money to spend, cos i’m working my ass off for it πŸ˜†

Easy bro !!

Although I am sat across the room we don’t get the chance to talk about random shit anymore (or not as much)

Money turns some people into arrogant ass’s mate, like we said before its wank, money can’t buy you happiness but it can give you a massive chip on your shoulder.. Fuck em !!

Everyone should be equal too, if you started treating people differently and favouring certain people over others you’d have more problems, however, when you dont treat those that think they should be treat differently that tends to cause more upset, you cannot win mate, one way or the other you will be in the wrong. As much as you may try..

I have updated my blog too (managed to squeeze it in)

Holla. also, when you read this make a cuppa πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Its your turn !

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