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Completley changed

The atmosphere in the office has totally changed. Its good again! The mag had really got us bogged down – and it was causing mine and daves working relationship to break down. Thankfully we both saw the light and have changed.

On a more personal and non maxxd/work related note, i think the time is getting closer for me to having glasses. Its depressing, as im very poor – and glasses cost a fortune. So if i do have to have them ill no doubt be luimbered with some proper gay nerdy style jack duckworth style ones!

I have always frowned when im reading stuff, it helps me focus on stuff – but ive never needed glasses and even the opticians have been a bit unsure as to why i frowned. But now i starting to get a lot of headaches after about lunch time – it could be the wedges i get form cooplands, but i think its more to do with staring at a PC screen all day long ever day of my life.

Gotta go now, need the loo and i got shit to do! haha

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swinstead??? isnt that him from the plan b gig who we saw with the maxxd shirt on???

olly, you will look mega with goggles flower! FACT!!!

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