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Eye opener

This past weekend really opened my eyes. For a start, selling a mag how we were selling it is a fucking stupid idea. Well its not, but its a mammoth task for just me and dave. plus im sick of going to shows and not enjoying myself.

This show was the icing on the cake as nationals is always set to be the best show of the year. But, as we kinda figured out on the sunday if you take the good weather away from nationals – there is nothing left!

Every single year apart from one (newark, it was windy!) nationals has been the best show ever. And now, after their 5th show ever – i even wonder if they will do another one. I recon that the rubbish, and the bad reports they will get from this year could be the demise of the show!

In other news, im not doing too bad with my bills and stuff. I have managed to get cash paid into my house account, and i have got to try and find £100 today to pay to my lloydstsb loan – apart from that its only my car insurance that is in dire need of paying. I am putting my car up for sale tonight tho, after a good clean and a polish!

Anyway – back to the point i was trying to make. This weekend opened my eyes to a lot of things, and one of them was the fact we’ve spent so much time and effort on this magazine – and its just the wrong time completely. We need someone major to back it or its just not gonna be worth us doing it any more. Lets see what the future holds!

For the time being i am just going to concentrate on stuff that makes money – whether that’s for me or for maxxd.

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