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Impossible Terminology

Is it just me, or do courts word things in such a way that is CONFUSING AS HELL!

I am one of the many people in the world that is trying to get their bank charges back – and so far its been a fucking nightmare!

I didnt expect it to go smoothly, as at the end of the day they are not gonna want to pay me are they? But i didnt expect it to be the courts that were making my life hell.

So far all the court has done is demand i send this in, and that in, and this to here and that to somewhere else. Its annoying!

My latest letter is claiming i haven’t done all the things in the “Order” i was sent from the judge. the things i have missed are in paragraph 3, parts C and D. And they are..

c) A statement of evidence of all matters relied upon as tending to show that the charges are irrecoverable as penalties or otherwise.

d) Copies of decided cases and other legal materials to be relied upon.

What the fuck are they supposed to mean? Talk about writing a complete pile of shit!

I rang the court and asked them, they told me to seek legal advice – i did just that and all it did as confuse me even more.

Anyone translate for me?

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D looks like it might mean copies of other similar cases that have been ruled in the favour of people trying to reclaim charges…

C looks like a bunch of random words thrown together to confuse people. I did read about the bank winning a case where someone didn’t submit the terms and conditions they signed with their bank. Could be that, but I doubt it.

Good luck!

C basically reads that they want you to provide a running comentary of everything that has happened with your account (charges etc) and prove (or give statements for each) that they are unreasonable charges and that the bank in question shouldn’t be able to recover the monies as penalties (charges). Perhaps they want you to show for egg sample (see what i did there?!?! :D) that you were overdrawn by 4p and were charged £400 which is clearly unreasonable.

D reads as if they are expecting you to provide examples of other cases as reliant evidence that you are right. Scour the internet Oliver and see what you can find.

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