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I got asked for id!!

Ok, so this is actually the first time this has happened in my entire life! I was in tesco the other day, buying beer and cobs for a “bbq” at my friends house. I walked to the self service till as i did not want to queue up and wait for ten years as i only had two items, and immediately upon scanning the beer it said “Assistance required” as obviously they need to check to make sure your 18 before they can let you walk off with it.

She came over, and normally they take one look at me and scan it and carry on with their jobs. She came over leant to swipe her card to authorise, then stopped looked at me and asked me for id!! I was shocked! I really didnt know what to say! It was a good job gemma was with me, as she had to supply her ID as i have never carried ID on me ever!

I’m sorry, but do i look 17 years old? I have hair on every part of my face, hair sticking out of my clothes, all down my neck, and im 6ft 1.5 and 16/17 stone! I have seen some old looking 17 year olds, but fuck me. The only thing that comes close is teen wolf, and he was older than 17 surely!

Anyway, i hope to never be asked again, and i suppose that woman was only doing her job – but still, open your bloody eys woman!

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