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Im really struggeling…

I am finding it hard to stay happy, or even smile for any length of time. I have a business with one of my best mates, i live in a house with a shit hot house mate, and i have the best girlfriend in the world – but im still miserable.

Money is the root of all evil, and i have absolutley none of it. I have had to SORN my car today, as i cannot afford road tax. I owe money to my phone company, car insurance, house account, girlfriend, daz, dave, scott, mum, dad… in fact im not gonna name any more as im getting more depressed by the minute.

I had a bit of card that said i had a recorded delivery item at the post office that needed my signature. I could not work out what it was, could it be something to do with a court? Or is it a cheque for my bank charges? I was worrying about it all night, and all morning – and low and behold i got to the post office and it was a fucking letter from my insurance company telling me that my policy is gonna be cancelled – and after ringing them they informed me that it is a default letter sent out, and that the arrangeent i had made on tuesday was still going ahead.

I am not sure how many more knocks i can take. All i need is my bank charges back, and i can clear all my little debts up and get my life on track. But i need it NOW.
Maxxd is starting to piss me off too. Although the club belongs to me and dave, it feels like were not allowed to change anything, or make improvements without asking every man and his dog first. Is it so wrong to want to do something different? Is it wrong to want to be the biggest and the best? I understand that they way we go about things is probably a bit random, and we should inform people along the way but its hard doing such a mammoth task by ourselves.

I guess i just needed to rant a little. Hopefully the future will bring bank charges and tax rebates so i can do the things i want to do with my life.

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For the record i like the changes on Maxxd. its up to you and Dave in the end. everyone will have an opinion, but you cant please everyone!

Dude.. If you wanna change it change it mate!

It’s yours and Daves business, so if you wanna change it, then feel free! Personally I love the new maxxd mate. Also hope i’m one of the good ones that pays, altho i dont think it’s much a month 🙂

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