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Meet Bob and Marlon

Everybody say hello to BOB the black moor goldfish, and MARLON the random gold-white-fish with a orange spot on his head.

My mother in law got them for me and gem as a 6 month anniversary present. I got home to find them swimming round in my fish bowl happy as pigs in shit!

I have never seen fish so energetic, they dart around the tank chasing each other and playing. Gem and her mum got them from Maidenhead Aquatics at the dukeries garden centre in worksop. They test their tanks every hour for infections etc, and you get a 7 day guarentee with the fish. The guarentee is just peace of mind though, as you can tell how healthy the fish are!

I had a fantastic night last night, me and gem ate a hand cooked olstar pasta speciality, then had a nice bath and moved my room round a bit as we are gonna decorate soon. It was nice to spend time with gemma, and gemma alone. No one rang me or bothered me. It was lovely.

Its nearly the weekend again, me and dave are busy as hell as usual – in fact i have work to do so bye bye 🙂

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