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Happy 6 Month Anniversary Gemma & Oliver

Well, for regular readers or visitors to my blog you’ll remember that back in september 06 i met a girl who changed my life completley. Just reading back to that time brings a smile to my face. The exact date that me and Gem got together properly was over shadowed on my blog by the fact the carphone warehouse had pissed me off beyond belief. But there is still a mention in there 🙂

Anyway, 6 months has passed since then, and things are still going great. Every now and then i do something that upsets Gem, and its down to me not thinking things through properly. But saying that, every now and then gem might say something that upsets me too. I guess neither of us are perfect. I messed up yesterday for example, but after i had explained and appologised she had forgiven me. Love, and being in a relationship is about forgiving and understanding – and we have that.

What i will say is that over the last 6 months i have felt myself get closer to Gem than anyone i have ever known. She has become my best friend, and is my soul mate. I talk to gem about the tinyest of things, and she doesnt ignore – she listens and gives her opinion. She has her own life too, and by that i mean her own career and hobbies. This sometimes means that i cant get a word in when we are talking. But i really like that, as i like listening to her. The conversations are not all started by me which any male will know is a bonus 🙂

The bottom line is that i am in love – to the extent that i would do anything and everything for her. And the last 6 months of my life have been the most amazing 6 months ever. I hope there are many, many more! 🙂

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