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Im shitting myself

Today is the day we get our new modified car magazine delivered. is the New Modified Car Enthusiast Magazine from us guys at Maxxd.

This weekend is gonna be the biggest weekend in the life of MMS.

If this weekend goes right, then the rest of the life of the mag and probably MMS is secured. Yes, it is that important!

We have to pick up a van later, and the mags and marquees and all sorts. Hopefully we wont forget anything!

Wish us luck!

P.s spok, your sister has joined! Haha! Small world! 🙂

2 replies on “Im shitting myself”

Well as one of the first people to get a copy, may i say what an awesome mag it really is.

I’m ever so proud Olly. You and Dave have done really well.

*pat on the back for you’s*

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