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April Fools Day 2007

I possibly have the worst memory ever. I forget to call in at my dads on the way home from work. I forget what i want as soon as i reach the top of my stairs – and i ALWAYS forget about April Fools Day.

Not this year!!!!

I remembered about it a few weeks ago, and set a shit load of reminders on my phone. First i set a week long reminder that would stay on my screen all week. Then i set an alarm for 7:00am on April Fool Day Morning. The alarm was even set to remind me WHAT to prank people, thats how bad my memory is!

Anyway, the morning came round and i was woken by my phone alarm as planned. I snoozed it and went back to sleep. I then sat up in bed a hour or so later, and started the fun.

First off, i told my Mum she was going to be a grandma – She shit frisbees and was crying on the phone to my aunty etc. My mum knows i dont want kids yet, and having them now would bugger up all my life plans. She then cottened on as it was my other aunites birthday on april fools, and they mentioned that they’d have to inform her – when all of a sudden the penny dropped! I wasnt the most loved of sons that day!!

I told my mate Kiss she was gonna be an aunty!  – She belived me too! Hahaha bless her she knows i want to travel n stuff too, and rang me and kind of said “Congratulations” but SO didnt mean it! Haha..

I told dave i quit, and that i was going back to full time employment – he believed be for about 5 seconds then cottoned on.

I told daz they had legalised weed – he thought i was telling the truth, until he realised what day it was later on in the day.

I told HSB that i had been given loads of MaryJ for free, and he could have a Oz. He belived me too! When he asked about collecting it, i said fetch it next april fools day! He then said he’d figured i was tricking him, and was gonna re-trick me later by saying he’d been in a huge car crah on the way to fetch it – whatever HSB! 😛

I think thats about it to be honest. Deffo a fun day, but i was really gutted that i upset my mum so much. I went round later and said sorry to her face!

If i had decided to have babies, then i think id of told my mum in person, not over a text at 8:30am on a sunday morning!

Went to thoresby market on sunday too, its a ace place – i got a cool grinder and a MINT teeshirt! – I will post pics soon 🙂

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