My Past Weblog

Week after week, Day after day..

The same damm things, make my hair turn grey…

I have just had a phone call, gem hasnt got any cash left till she gets paid on friday, and i havent got enough money to go down and see her. Im gutted.

This is the first time she’s not been able to get down to my house (or visa versa) since we have started going out with each other – and i dont like it. 🙁
I guess it gives me some time alone, although when im alone all i do is think about the business and my life. And i just get stressed out.

I might take my camera phone out with me tongiht, and go for a walk. I live on the edge of mansfield so i dont have to walk far to find some nice scenary.

i hate writing blog entries when i feel like this, as i bet they all sound so repetative! Sorry!

Entry over, im out…

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