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The Speed Of Time

Time go’s so fast nowadays. I havent clock-watched for ages. It was one of the things i did pretty much every single day when i was employed. Id have done my work for about 4pm, and id be clock-watching to till half 5. ๐Ÿ™‚

We have been in business now for 3 and a half months, and even though each day flys by like speedy gonzalez, the months seem to be dragging! Not in a bad way tho, i dont want summer to come and then go like it usually does!

Last weekend we launched our new mag, it went really well. We didnt manage to get everything we’d of liked done but the sheer fact we ran out of energy, time and man power meant we didnt reach our goal.

This was our trade stand on the 2nd day, the first dayt it was smaller and we were having trouble getting people to us. The second day we changed the layout and using a few cleverly placed cars we managed to make a person trap and it worked very well.

Gemma also found a new use for toms shiney wheels. Well, we were camping, and what do you forget when you go camping? A MIRROR!

I have also been shouted at by my mother in law, for leaving a certain someone out of my blog. So here she is, its ruby!

As me and dave were working all weekend and on bank holiday monday, I decided to have most of tuesday off. And whilst me and gem were in town we picked up a new addition to our family.

Meet trevor, margaret and reggie! They are our pet Black Moor Goldfishes and they are the bomb. We have had trev for ages, then we got margaret and then on tuesday we got reggie, but we also got them a new bowl and some new stones for the bottom. The stones are actually bits of glass, but they dont cut you! And the bowl is a big round traditional fish bowl! Its ace!

I think fish are as far as im prepared to go with pets at the moment. Id love a dog of my own, but i need to not be working as much as i do first.

Anyway, back to work..

Until next time.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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