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Alr8 peepz – mi spelin is r8 gud

Text talk is one of the most hated things i come across on forums, and in chatrooms etc. most people hate it, some people swear by it – and some people just dont see what the big fuss is all about!

I guess text talk came from early mobile phones, as it was an easy way to say what you wanted quickly, and keeping it all in one message. But thanks to the advances in technology (t9 dictionaries) and the advances in the operating system functionality, text talk should be a long and forgotten memory.

So why doesnt it just die?

I see more and more people coming onto the websites that i either own or co-run, and writing in TXT TLK. A few years ago, id of let them get away with it. Now i see it as simply being lazy. The worst part about it all is that 9 times out of 10, the TXT TLK word is the same length, or requires the same amount of effort to create – so its not even saving you any time?

I think the problem lies with fashion. In schools and colleges people make chavvy “websites” that pollute the internet with animated gif’s, backgrounds that make your eyes bleed and fucking text talk AlL lYk dIS So tHaT aLl dA tXT is iN dIfRNt SizES aN sHT.

Well this is me teling you now, PACK THE FUCK UP YOU ILLITERATE BASTARDS!

Stop absorbing retarded-ness-ness from twats such as Kwik Fit and Hula Hoops (their slogan – in a hole world of their own – or something equally stupid) And start paying attention at school.

Writing like a mongol is not cool, it makes you look like a fucking twat, and makes my life that little bit harder!

/Rant over πŸ™‚

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I agree! It does my head in when im trying to see who is online and all their name is in upper and lower case at the same time!!!

Speaking of things being hard to read, your comments alternate on black and white backgrounds and the gray text is really hard to read on top of white. πŸ˜‰

Great post though. I know exactly what you are talking about and I can’t stand it either!

Oliver, I couldn’t agree more!!!

I vote for banning the tards after 3 warnings. I don’t know if it’s just me being old but it takes me twice as long to read cHv tXt tLk iNnIt (i could have had a fag in the time it took me to type that too) and maybe again because of my age it takes ages to rip on the offenders as I can’t even type it.

I agree though, it must be about fashion/trends because some of the kids that do on maxxd seem intelligent in what they’re saying apart from HOW they’re saying it.

holla m8 innit

yeah! Sometimes i use text talk for words that i can not remember how to spell πŸ˜† Other than that i really try not to use it, cos it annoys me to read it! So practice what you preach and all that

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