My Weekend – In Pictures

First things first, saturday came round, and we had to lower gemmas car. I lowered the rears, then scott came along and did the fronts. We had it done and lowered for about 3:00pm.

Gemmas Polo

Saturday night me and Gem had a night in, we’ve been having a few recently and they have been great. She gave me a full body massage, including a head massage. Ahh it was great.

Sunday was a great day too, we went to watch the rally!

205 Rally Car

Then whilst we were waiting we got covered in mud by someone who took the corner wrong!


Scott and Jody discussed the theory of reletivity.


On the way back, Gemma fell asleep! 😛

Gem Asleep! HAHA

When i got home i took pics of my new (toy) car!

MK1 Golf Toy Car

And then this morning, my laptop charger got fixed (replacement STILL didnt fit) got my money thru from bank (more on that tomorrow) and i got my new inserts for my bumper!

MK3 Golf Bumper Inserts

It was a great weekend, i spent time with the most important person in my life, and i had fun watching cars go really fast!

Bingo bango!

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