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Heroin – The Odd One Out

Im sure that everybody has heard the term “smack head” “bag head” “smack rat” or simply “Heroin Addict” but i really dont think that people realise the extent of the heroin problem in their town.

Take mansfield for example, more often that not if your walking through the Bus station, or the town center and someone will come up to you and ask for “20p for their bus fair” or “£1 to use the pay phone”. These people are what we like to call “The scum of the earth”.

Burnt spoon, hyperdermic needle, smack head tools used to get high

The other day dave and myself were walking into our office, and we past a bit of a wall that has obviously been used to hide behind whilst one of the degenerates pinned up. We looked to the floor, and saw a burnt spoon. The burnt spoon is used to heat up the heroin so it turns to a liquid, then they suck it up in the syringe (look top left of picture) and inject it into their veins. Its a disgusting drug, its a drug that is so addictive the user will go out and steal so they can have some more. it destroys the mind, body and soul. And once a smack head, always a smack head. This is why its the odd one out. No other drug (ok, maybe crack) makes you go out and STEAL for your habit.

I think i need to go down and say something to the council, its disgusting, and that picture was taken RIGHT next to a main road. What happens if a child falls over and pricks themself on the needle? What happens is a child pics up the spoon and puts it near their mouth? And the worst part about it is, its the THIRD needle we have seen on teh floor near our work since we moved here!

Its a accident waiting to happen, and nearly 3 days later this particular needle and spoon have STILL not been cleaned up.

Ah fuck it, im ringing the council now.

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Innit, i rang the council today at 2:56pm.

Its now 4:14pm, and still no council workers..

Anyway, this should fo been cleared up tuesday when they were first contacted!

The smack problem is MASSIVE in mansfield, people need to start poisioning the smack or summat!

I actually know someone who used to be an addict and isnt anymore. Proof that their not all bad if they get the right help 🙂

Your right though, it should be cleared up quick …. stray sharps are a real problem round here

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