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A Very Random Day!

I know i dont blog much, but i sometimes i see something or witness something that makes me instantly think i want to blog that!

A similar ad like the GET JACK BACK one...

First off i was travelling to work this morning and i saw a billboard poster saying “GET JACK BACK”. Initially i thought it was something to do with the current episode of Lost, but then i realised it was a advert telling people to get sky so they could continue to follow Lost, as Sky1 had been sacked from NTL/Virgin Media.

Now ive spoke to many people about this, and i may of even blogged about it before, but personally i think Sky have played a blinder, and are now rubbing salt into the wounds of Mr Branson. Although, i wont dance and sing and tell the world Sky are better and ‘arder, as Richard Branson aint the sort of person that takes a blow like this lightly. He seems the kind of person that usually gets what he wants, one way or another. So maybe we’ll see Virgin1 start up to rival Sky1, or maybe we’ll see Virgin Media take a lot of programs off Sky like the Simpsons, or Friends or whatever and stick them on one of the channels already owned by Virgin Media.
Who knows? I do know this though – The Sky/Virgin battle has not yet finished. And my Moneys on Richard. 🙂

The second random awesome thing is today i saw my mate who i havent seen in 21 months as he’s been locked down. He has been released on day release and is out for 3 days, every so often. Its basically because he’s been good as gold and not given anyone any shit whilst inside. It was so mental to see him again tho, it was a beautiful day as the sun was shining we all nipped here and there in the car chatting away about the old times, and how things used to be. It was so crazy, it almost seemed like i had gone back in time about 2 years. Mental!

The third item in my list of randomness, is a little story about a tiny little cigarette shop and its grey haired owner. I popped into possibly the smallest fag shop in Mansfield, its next to iceland and the chemist in the front of the Rosemary Centre. I wanted some amber leaf (ooarrr) and it was price marked at £2.50 a pack. He asked for £2.40 – as that was the price he had on his little board thing. And i dont know about you, but that is the first time EVER that i have been sold a pricemarked product cheaper than the pricemark. Respect to you dude for not biting to corporate price increases! POWER TO THE LITTLE GUY! HOO HAAAA!

The final and kinda unexpected thing thats happened to me today, is that i popped into my bank to get some money and sort some charges out that have unlawfully gone out of my bank account, and it seems Lloydstsb have already taken some charges off my account as a sign of good will or some shit, and that something is currently pending on my account – and HOPEFULLY that means i MAY POSSIBLY be getting SOME or ALL of my CHARGES BACK!!!!

If i do, i may have some kind of seizure due to being so overwhelmed.

So all in all, a good day.

Im going home tonight and im going to treat my girlfriend to a nice cooked meal or something. Shes been a busy girl today so i expect she’ll be tired out.

Anyway, i have the maxxd blog to do, and i need to go home at some point 🙂

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