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First things first…

First things first man you’re fuckin with the worst,
I’ll be stickin pins in your head like a fuckin nurse,
I’ll attack any nigga who’s slack in his mack,
Come fully packed with a fat rugged stack,
Shame on you when you stepped through to,
The Ol Dirty Bastard straight from the Brooklyn Zoo.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard
November 1968 – November 2004

Old Dirty

I dunno why i felt the need to pay my repescts once more to the great ODB. It actually came about cos i had the above lyric in my head and thought it was a great way to open a blog entry. He was a underrated rapper – one of the best – and he will be missed forever.

He’s being kept alive by such people as Mark Ronson as in ronsons new album he remix’s Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and that has ODB samples in. I have a feeling that ODB will be one of the thoses artists you hear sampled in tracks for years and years to come.

Last night gemma told me something that shuold of been rewarded with “Congratulations” and stuff, but in actual fact i felt pretty shitty about it. She has made a deisision that is truely awesome, and will probably dictate much of the rest of her life, but as soon as she mentioned it i just felt shit, and felt like i may one day get left behind so she can further progress her career. I would be mortified, in fact id even go as far as to say it would completley destroy me – but -  i cant stand in her way. She has told me that she wouldnt leave me and that no matter where she has to go, that i could go with her.. And i would!

I guess i just always look at the worse possible outcome of every situation, so that im not often dissapointed…

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ODB rocks!

I’m sure things will work out good with you and Gemma mate. Try not to worry about it now thoug eh – cross that bridge when you come to it, you’ve got enough on with work and maxxd for now.

Im sure thigns will work out, i just know shes a very determined person and if she wants something she wont let anything get in her way.

I love her so much, i feel like ive found the balance in my life.

I just dont want that taking away from me.

Im just thinking the worst again are’nt i 🙂


perhaps things may change between then and now and she may decide that she wants different things – careerwise i mean…

…wait and see and try and forget about it for now!

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