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Snow, Crashes and Off Roadin’

Friday evening came around.. and the weather was looking like this…

Cars in snow

We then took the afternoon off, to go and make snowmen.

We got to masons house, and started playing in the snow.

Dave and bekki pushing snow

We kept rolling….

Mason in snow

We were aiming to build a snowman bigger than the centre parks lot’s 7ft snowman..

And we did!

10ft Snowman

I went to see my dad and my girlfriend, the roads were terrible on the way to my popz. I had to push a van out of my dads road as it was blocked!

Snowy roads

The snow was 6 maybe 7 inches deep in places!!!!!

6 inch snow
Gemma in the snow
The 75% completed igloo!

The the next day the snow started to clear… 🙁

Supersnowman melting!

This was our snowman in the back garden, he was about 6ft, now he’s dead. 🙁

The day after i went in asda and i hit a guys car, it did nothing to mine, and knocked his back bumper off and cracked it. He has been quioted £500, i laughed. He is now going to BnT and they are gonna help me get it sorted and out my hair.. NOT what i needed right now!

MK3 in snow

Then i picked up KO, and went for a random drive.

THis tree must of fell over

This tree looks like it came down in the bad winds we had a few weeks ago.

The next day we went for a random drive with Kris from donny cruise, he took his NAV down the desert. It was ret funny. It did fucking amazing to say its about 12ft long!

nav in SAND
Nav in sanfd 2

And after we had gone home after hours of trying to get a long wheel base truck out of the desert wardo had a call and laura had had a little bump and was a bit upset so we had to go out and rescue her.

It was a well random and pretty long weekend!

I have been thinking about the prison trip thingy that i suffored from last week, and i have put it down to a combination of being stoned and disliking blood and things under the skin. SFX dont bother me, i can watch people getting ripped apart and eaten in films. But when i see some guy who has tourettes move his head and show the cable that is running from his brain to a “Brain pacemaker” in his chest.. it made me feel ILL!

Im just gonna stay away from hospital/surgery related TV program’s 😆

Thanks to the people who were concerned.

Im not dead yet! 😆

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