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Panic Stations..

If you have been following my blog for a few years, then you may remember me going on about a occurence whereby i was watching TV, something gross came on and i did some kind of crazy prison trip.

Well it happened again. 

It happened a lot slower last night tho, and it felt like something was stuck in my head, repeating, like a broken record. It was horrible. Again, everyone thought i was messing about but i wasnt. It lasted for about 2 mins, and eventually i came round and was aware of what i was doing again.

It was so scary.

I went straight home, and then threw up when i got home. I felt like shit all night afterwards.

People have been telling me to go and tell the doctor, but i cant. Im scared it will be something serious and ill lose my driving licence amongst other things.

Im gonna keep a note of when it happens, and if it happens often then ill have it looked at.

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