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Money makes the world go round. For the last week or two i have personally been struggeling with money. As me and dave have gone into business, the cashflow is uneven and although we have plenty of work to do, and have done plenty of work – getting paid for that seems to be very difficult. This has caused all my finances to be tested, and has put me under a lot of stress these last few weeks.

I nearly went into arrears with my loan, and i have not been making full payments to mine and wardo’s house account. I have been watching what im paying in tho, and will make it up as soon as my financial status is slightly more stable.

Im not gonna let it get me down tho, as long as my loan and house are covered i dont really care. Car insurance, and phone bills can suck my hairy balls.

Oh, and Lloydstsb are a fucking bunch of twats. I will get my fucking charges back off you you blood sucking mother fuckers.


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[…] People talk about money like its the most important thing ever, in fact i have even gone on and on about money in the past. I guess its just cos im scared of falling into the debt trap again, but in reality money isnt really that important. I have hardly ANY money at the moment, im literally running on air – but i still walk around with a smile on my face and i still have fun with my friends. […]

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