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Jobs, are you happy?

Work is probably the largest “thing” in your life. People have houses, kids, cars hobbies etc etc etc. But in order to get or do these things, you need money – and unless you were born with a silver spoon up your ass, you have to work for that money.

Now, we have chat threads on maxxd for the day to day gabbing so that the actual worthwhile posts stay full of information, not full of shit. And every single time someone writes about their workplace, or job, they always write that they are unhappy, or that they dont want to be there – whatever it is they say, its always negative.

This got me thinking, how many people are actually enjoying their jobs? How many people get up in a morning and look forward to going to work?

Im sat here at 18:06, and im still at work. I dont really think of it as “Being at work” tho, its strange. I was here till about 9 last night, and even then it didnt feel late.

I guess self employment was the one thing that i would be able to sit back and enjoy, and for other people it may be working in a factory, or making sandwiches.

Whatever career it is, whatever job it is, make sure your doing what you want! As its a massive part of your life – and to waste it, would be such a shame.

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yeah i’d say i was pretty happy with my working life at the minute! I do actually get up in a morning and look forward to coming in! Anyone other than Maddsy and Olly reading this may think it’s odd, but at the minute i find myself being happier when i’m working. And it’s a great place to work as Ol has already said before 😀

I suppose when people dont enjoy their job they are going to complain about it.

England is full of complainers, you dont hear people that enjoy their jobs sayin ‘i had a GREAT day at work today’ we only focus on the bad things in life.

I also suppose with you and dave you are doing something you have a passion for and you love it, its your baby and you want it to work.

I may enjoy my job one day, Kerri passed her exams and is norw Kerri Barnfather CeMap… day i’ll be Rebecca Lawrence CeMAP and i want to work to get that i just hate the current position. as i’m slaving at the moment 🙂

Hope your having a good day.

Bekki x

I like my job.

I keep getting older but the college girls stay the same age. 😉

But really, I sat around for 15 minutes after work without worrying about, just chatting ith co-workers and students and stuff. It’s a nice place.

my job is pretty cool most of the time – IT’S THE FUCKIN WEIRDO’S WHO I WORK WITH THAT I MOAN ABOUT!!

Disney Freak – mad on everyting disney (she’s 25 yrs old)

Yeti – pisses herself regularly (around 50 yrs old)

SL – has big hair, east cold toast and gets it in her big hair, oh and has a tash (51 yrs old)

nuff said???

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