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Hey wait, am i supposed to be here?

Im not used to being at MMX3 on a monday. This is reallyu gonna shake my week up! We have that meeting with the princes trust tomorrow, and thats the final one. So hopefully we’ll know by the end of the week if we got it, and if we do then we can relax and take our time doing things in 2007 so that they get done properly.

It also means i can take the time to make a few structural changes to the maxxd setup. Currenty we have a server and host a shit load of sites, i need to downgrade a little, as we need to spend our time on making money, not fixing wank servers that are hosted by COMPLETE useless fucking twats who call themselves Layered Technologies! NEVER EVER EVER go with them. They may start out cheap, but its gets costly, and you never can pay too much for GOOD support. LT have never heard of customer service! Bloody bastards!

Anyway, i have been looking for a partially managed reseller account, with unlimited resources (yes, there are some available) and with the ability to import accounts from cpanel/WHM. So far NONE have the option to do this. I have found many UK based web hosts, who offer VERY good deals, but all have their own custom made control panle software. So id have to re-created each account one-by-one. Erm, no thanks! But we do need to cut costs..

If any of you know of anyhting that may suit my needs, then holla. If there isnt one in the world with CpanelWHM compatibility, then i require FULL SSH access, so i can copy all shit across at once. These ones i have found only give partial SSH access, so again, i’d have to do each account one by one. 🙁

I have to go home now, and spend some of the money i dont have.

If Layered Technologies made lager.. It would be the most foulest tasting horrible lager in the world.. Probably..

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no im not bothered..

im fine luv, got nearly everything i need for xmas.. i dont go crazy at this time of year like some people do.. but i do enjoy the fact everyone is happy 🙂

how are you?

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