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Housten, We have a Printer!

Hahah.. Today we went to pc world and bought ourselves a printer. Some other business “things” have progressed further today, and hopefully me and dave may be celebrating something next tuesday. I wont say any more on the matter, as it wil probably Jinx it!

Things are going great at the mo, everything seems to be happening for a reason. Things happen that force us to do stuff, and that leads on to other stuff and its all just getting better and better.

More updates tomorrow, im nackered! 🙂

3 replies on “Housten, We have a Printer!”

My fingers are crossed, although I’m nervous as fuck right now, this could be a turning point 🙂

The dreaded Wed,Thu & Friday have come again, damn it.

Roll on the new year – not long now pal 🙂

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