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From Bedroom, to Business Center.

Im sat here awaiting the clock to strike 17:00 so i can leave this place and go home. I have to nip home, then to my dads, then i have to go to the office and work on some bits and bobs for a few hours. Anyway, whilst i was checking emails etc this morning i got a PM off a member of the maxxd site staff regarding something or other. And this discussion went on to talk about the DIR. He also mentioned that he personally thought we had done things in the wrong order, and proceeded to give me his opinion on what we should have done.I have no issues with people giving us constructive criticism, but i didn’t see this as being constructive at all. When i look back at the way we have gone about things, i see that we have taken the best, safest and most effective path to get to the stage we are at now.

We were at one point both working full time, for random companies. Whilst we were doing this we ran and made that the name it is today. Then we slowly went down to 3 days a week, and worked on maxxd stuff 2 days a week, and the next stage is to move onto full time work on maxxd things.

If we’d of tried to get the DIR 100% up and running whilst still in full time work, well, it wouldn’t be possible. You cant do two jobs at the same time! And if we’d jumped in head first since day one, we’d both be so financially crippled by now that we’d both of probably OD’d on crack and died 😆

I quite often get the impression that NO ONE has any faith in me, or the things i do. I speak to my parents and they don’t really seem to care. My dad seems more bothered about his new family, than what his own flesh and blood is doing with himself [although he did seem to show more interest tonight, when i went for dinner there. That kinda helped a bit]. And although my mother shows an interest i can see deep down she doesn’t have faith, and that she’d much prefer me to get a boring 9-5 job like every other sheep on the planet. I just want my parents to be proud of me.

Well, fuck it all. I couldn’t give a fuck if it takes us 3 more years of struggling, scrimping and saving, i am never going back to work for anyone ever again. And im also post the point of caring whether or not people have any faith in what we are doing. I know that me and dave will be able to do the things we say, and i KNOW that in 3 years time we will be looking back and laughing at the people that didn’t have any faith.

You’d of thought our friends would be happy for us? That we are progressing our lives and making a go of things, whilst the rest of the world plods on. My mum mentioned today that her boss – the big boss man of crown in the UK – said he envied ME. And the reason he envied me is because im making a jump, im risking it all. Whereas he had always taken the easiest option.

Next time you’re faced with a decision, and can either chose a easy way, or a hard way – choose the hard way. you’ll be surprised at how satisfying it is to achieve something under your own name, instead of someone else’s.

Think Big. Aim High. Fuck the Poleece.

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Mate get an English spell check not a wank – sorry yank one!!!


not that i’m critisising because i never spell check my blog – just hate the american spelling of things, it poogash!

Yeah, you’re in no position to criticise 0lly’s spelling 😉

Personally I think the American spelling makes more sense… Our way is French… It seems like it should be pronounced sen-treh 🙁

Fuck spelling!


Don’t forget to put up a Christas tree the Ol Business Centre!

…PS: When you get massive and need over priced IT consultants…you know where to find me! 😉

Good luck with it all!

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