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My medal really was in the post!

Hah, from time to time, i hear people bellowing on about how good they are, or how much better their stuff is than yours. Now it winds me, it REALLLLLLLYY winds me. As i dont see why people have to big themselves up so much? No one like hearing a big head go on about how good they are, so whenever i hear someone talking like that i simply reply..

“Your medals in the post duck”

Ok, so maybe without the Duck part. But usualy i make a joke about it and they shut up. Its something i have said for years, and finally the day came where i actually recieved a medal in the post!

Ok, so it wasnt in the post as such, but it was in an envelope kind of addressed to me!

I didnt take a picture of the medal, as im a doughnut. But its ace. I originally thought i couldnt get it over my fat head – but we realised it was velcro’d at the top as wardo tried it on and i thought he ripped it! So im officially a winner!! – Totally awesome!

We got a new TV and Xmas tree from wardo’s mum and dad as well, the TV is fucking amazing. Ill post a pic of that tomorrow! Hopefully i can get a scart thingy, and test to see if it works with my laptop. If it does we can finally watch the millions of films i have on my hard drive on a BIG screen! WOop!

Me and gem have adopted a little black baby too. His name is trevor, and he cost just over £2.50 haha. Of course, he isnt a human, that would be silly! hes a fish! And he’s the bomb!

Gem decided she wanted a black fish with buldgy eyes. So thats exactly what she got! He lives at my house, and hes as good as gold. His first word was “Momma” but im sure i heard him say “Adidas superstars” the other day! Hes growing fast and Gem thinks hes got fatter since the weekend! Aww trev!

In other news, the New Tesco Extra has opened in Oak Tree, Mansfield. Its massive, it has everything in the world in it. but its still not as big as asda! its nice to have such a modern and BRIGHT thing about 5 seconds away from my house. to be fair its probably my local shop! There aint shit near me!

For the last part of my blog entry today, im gonna comment on mansfield excuse for a Xmas tree. right…

For one, its only half lit up. By that i mean there are pretty blue lights, that STOP half way up the tree. It looks like the top half has been lobbed off by an axe weilding pensioner who had just missed their bus. Secondly, its fucking tiny. This tree is for everyone in mansfield, and i have seen bigger ones in peoples front rooms. Its pathetic!

Mansfield District Council, if your reading this then how about spend some of our council tax on stuff for us, instead of spending it on people who are too lazy or too smacked out their faces to get fucking jobs.

God this country sucks sometimes!

Im gonna spell check this and the last blog post, and then im gonna do some work i recon..

Peace out homies and homegirls 🙂

5 replies on “My medal really was in the post!”

you’re parents must love you at Christmas – being so easily impressed n all!

Glad you like the medal gangster!

PS, love the new ghetto fabulousness!

oh and also liked the new kicks too fuckface!

you all ‘funky fresh dressed to impress ready to party’ or ‘smoke’ as the case may be!

21 bloody pairs! That means you’re well on your way to being able to wear each pair for 2 weeks of the year 😆

I want a medal! but i’m happy with my christmas decoration!

Not been to the new tescos yet! Always preferred asda, cos the old tesco was such a shite hole

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