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Load off my chest..

I havent updated in that long, i have been DESPERATLY trying to rememebr all the shit i have done so that i can blog about it all.

Ill start with the weekend first, it was pretty shite as i was working most of it. The first ngiht they were 2 hours and ten minutes late taking me off shift, i was fucking fuming! After spending 12 hours there, and seeing it as a complete waste of my life – the last thing i want to do is spend another 2 hours and ten minutes there! Bastards!

Apart from working, i visited Gem’s sisters graduation thingy, where she went up and got a certificate for getting really good grades! Well done zoe! And apart from that i did nothing! Obviously i spent time with my truelly fantastic girlfriend. The time we spend together just brings us closer together. I love her!

Monday was a very important and hectic day for me. First thing i had to go to court about my Fixed penalty notice. I had protested the reason for me actually getting it in the first place with the police via snail mail. And as the process took so long the 28 days i was given to pay £30 had expired, and i was now forced to pay £45 and visit court. Now, i didnt mind paying the £30 now they had turned round and said “Tough shit, your not getting out of this one you bastard” but i wasnt prepared to pay £45 just becasue they took fucking ages sending a few letters!

I went to court anyway, and it went swimingly! (rofl..) The magistrates totally saw my point, and allowed me to pay £30 there and then and settle it once and for all. Ha!


After that me and dave moved into our office! Its small, but its bangin! Im actually sat in it right now! Its such a better enviroment than the thor office, no shouting, no bendy floors, no annoying people. And no smoke! A smoke free enviroment is so much easier to work in!

Tuesday was spent setting shit up, moving desks in setting computers up and generally getting things we needed for the office. Its a mint feeling to be in YOUR OWN place of work. No one dictating working hours, workwear, or wether i can have my music playing or not. Rock on daddio!

Then back to my 3 day a week job that is getting such a drag now. I will be sad to see the place go, but im very anxious to move on now. Its been fun working there, and they are all a amazing bunch of people but its just not for me any more. I think i finish in a few weeks. Gulp..

Im off to our wednesday meeting now, gotta nip home first. More updates tomorrow boys and girls!

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Congratulations on the first time *I think) you’ve said “I love her” on the blog!

Ooh get you all grown up and in love! Bless!

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