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Early Xmas Present?

My mother called me on my mobile about 11:00am this morning, and told me to meet her at her work at half 12 for some lunch – her treat. Hmm.. Now ive either done something and she wants to moan, or i have forgot something she wanted to give me back.

I got to her work at exactly 12:30, and went up to her office. She was just finishing a phone call, when she’d finished i gave her a hug and she said “I have something for you here”

She handed me an envelope, and inside was £220! She had been taking part in a savings scheme for xmas, where you give £20 a month to this woman at her work, and she saves it up for everyone and then gives it all back at the start of decemeber. My mum had been doing one for me too!


So with that cash im gonna buy a few xmas prezzys, and im gonna buy me and dave some office stuff. Hopefully we’ll be able to get everyhting we need for when we start on monday.

Oh shit…

The rest of our lives, start on monday. Thats less than 57 hours away! Wholly crap!

The first week is bound to be a farse, as we have to get everything ready and put office furnature in place so that we have a good working enviroment.

Im getting quite scared now!

Please, everyone who reads this.. Cross your fingers, and if your religious PRAY for us..

I think i might take up a religion, then i can pray – and if it all go’s tits up i have someone other than myself to blame! hahaha.. :/

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