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Stalked! Arggg!

Hi guys πŸ™‚ I hardly get time to update this any more. Monday’s and tuesdays i always have things to do, and it tends to be 6pm before i can say “Bollocks dave, you dont do it like that” So we go home and then the next day arrives. Wednesdays and thursdays and fridays are a bit quieter, but as the new guy now technicaly owns my pc i have been letting him sit here and do the work he needed to get done. And as i have been working at weekends too, i just havent had the time required to sit here and ramble on about complete shit for half a hour.

But, luckily today is wednesday, and the new guy is doing some other stuff so i have this pc all to myself πŸ™‚

I have really been getting into Lost recently, in fact its all Gem and myself have been watching. The stories are really good, and as soon as one ends, another one begins! We have nearly watched all of season 1, and im getting season 2 and 3 off my mate wiggy as i write this πŸ™‚ It doesnt compare to Prison Break (episode 13 seasion 2 being watched tongiht!) but its deffo one of my favorite programs! πŸ™‚

Going back a few days, back to saturday, and back to what i thought was gonna be my last security shift EVER. The shift went really fast actually, i think its cos i knew gem was at work too, so i wasnt really anxious to leave. About 6pm, it got dark and i had forgotten a torch. Now these building sites really dark, there aint no lights, and there is crap everywhere. So you look round one shit load of bricks, and there is something moving! Ok, so it might just turn out to be a plastic bag stuck to a tree branch, but it was still scary!

I was doing a patrol about 6:30pm, and it was very very dark. As i was walking i got that strange, “i am being followed” kind of feeling. I froze, spun round, couldnt see anyhting. This repeated about 3 times, until i noticed something moving near the fence. it was a fox! And it was FOLLOWING me! it followed me all the way to the end of the site, stopping and looking everytime i stopped. Then i lost him. But low and behold on my way back i saw him follow me again, and he followed me all the way back to the compound where i quickly locked myself in to avoid being mauled by a pack of rabid foxes. Was he the reccy fox? Was he looking for food and was gonna signal his posse? Or was he a lonley unloved unwanted orphan of a fox, who just wanted a friend? No one will ever know. πŸ™

I did manage to kind of photograph him, twice! 

The fox that stalked me

Fox 2

Can you see him? You wont be able to actually see a fox, only his eyes! It was really scary when all i saw was the eyes in the photo. Although when my phone flashed i could see quite clearly it was a fox or a small fox like dog πŸ™‚

Anyway, it turns out that that wasnt my last shift, and thor have got a few sites a bit longer. but without going into too much detail, the future doesnt look good for thor. Im not in a position to disclose any further information on the subject, but lets just say dave and myself are getting our own office at exactly the right time. Its almost a sign. Like, as if someone somewhere wanted maxxd to succeed. Im glad someone does, as well as me and dave!

Its all very exciting, and also very expencive. This week i personaly have paid £125 towards hosting and a new licence for the DIR. I dont mind tho cos i know ill get it back as soon as its possible. And it was for things we desperatly needed.

In fact, Djb31st is currently fixing the dir for me as the phpmydir support is ass. Rock on DJB!

I best tidy up here and do one now. I have to go to my mums to see if any of the furnature she has there is suitable for our office, if it is im robbin it. If anyone reading this knows where i can find 2 desks, and 2 chairs for a smallish office at a pretty cheap price – let me know! :) 

Untill tomorrow, sionara. πŸ™‚

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There is a mahoosive second hand office furniture place in nottingham.

It’s near the castle marina reatil park on that road that takes you past it and into nottinham just near Ocean.

I can find the details if you want it m8

No more Prison Break for over a month! I don’t know what I’m going to do πŸ™

24 starts in January too. Lost is on a break at the moment as well, so no more episodes of that for me for a while. I hate the way American shows put breaks in the middle of their seasons. So frustrating waiting for like 3 months to find out if someone’s dead or not, knowing the whole tie that of course they escape, they’re the main character!

Oh yeah, crap, you might want to sign up on and see what gets posted. Furniture gets put on there fairly often and it’s free. Depends on how good quality it is and stuff, but it can’t harm πŸ˜‰

Innit man!

What the bejesus is going on?

I need to see if kellerman actually does fuck the president over, or if he is jsut trying to catch linc and micheal himself!

I signed up for freecycle, hopefully someone will get in touch! πŸ™‚


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