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Lurgy Alert – This Area Has been Quarantined!

Yes, the ilnessess that have been flating about the world latley, has finally caught up with me. I have a bad back, ny neck aches, my nose is blocked, my throat hurts and i cant stop coughing. But apart form the man flu, im super smashin frickin awesome!

I got these bad boys today;

Adidas Superstar Skateboarding Edition White/Gum

Aint they just the most amazing colourway ever? White/White and a Gum Shell! They are part of the adidas Superstar Skateboarding series.. They have the padded sides, tounge and have double stiching everywhere.. I can safely say i wont be wearing these till the floors are dry and clean! I.e. summer!

I havent bought any sneaks for what seems an eternity! Ok, so my last pair were the superstar halloween editions, again ltd edition and very sexual 🙂

Heres my collection so far;

olstar adidas collection

18 pairs of some of the finest sneakers adidas have ever made. im up to 19 now with these new un’s, wonder if ill make 20 by the end of the year? Hmm

I find that buying sneakers makes me very happy, as if im not buying them, im buying weed, petrol or crap. At least with these i have something to show for my money. Id say my collection os worth over £1000 by now, as som are very limited and go for hundreds on the bay.

I get to see gem again tongiht, we havent seen each other for a few days and im gettin withdrawl symptoms. I need to see her NOW please!

Im gonna go do a bit of work i recon.. Do some tidying till 5pm, then im off to meet a SSDB member and give him some sneakers that were posted with mine.

Rock on!

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