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Another week passed

Another week has flown by. I have spoken to mark and my last official day at mini marquees is the 20th of december. After then its Maxxd all the way! Im very excited about working on something i enjoy and love so much, but there are a few things that are hanging over me that im not exactly jumping for joy over, im not gonna go into detail about them because they are things i have to discuss with him, not the world. πŸ˜‰
I have been looking at desks for our office, and chairs, and other random bits and bobs – and its not until times like that, that it actually hits you! We are going to be runing our own company, and that is the only income we will have. We will be supporting ourselves, and working for our benifit only.

I guess thats one of the things that winds me up most about working for someone else, i just see me filling someone elses pockets with gold, and mine with bronze. I want the gold now thanks. πŸ™‚

Someone mentioned to me today that i might be diabetic, as i am always tired. But does that mean i wouldnt be allowed to eat chocolate? Or i would have to eat chocolate? Cos i cant live witout gold bars and mars drinks! if it means i cant eat chocolate then it looks like ill have to just plod along. If i get to eat lots more then i might go get my doctor to check me out haha.

I think me and gemma are gonna pop out tonight, and go to the cinema or something. We are getting on so well, shes everything i could want in a partner. I asked myself a question when i was with my last long term girlfriend, and the answer to that question was a definate NO. I asked myself that same question at this stage of my relationship with gemma, and the answer is a yes. And its not even something i have to think about, just yes. πŸ™‚ The question is kinda obvious, to people that are long term readers of my blog.

Anyway its the weekend soon, and i have to work tomorrow, then LSOM on sunday. Im sick of not having weekends, but from now on im probably not gonna have many of them. Unless me and dave jsut put the hours in during the week instead. Either way the future is bright. The future is maxxd.

I just wish our members could see that dave and myself are doing this for their benifits as well. I guess we’ll of ruffled a few feathers, and might lose a few members, but they need to take the stick out their asses and let me and dave do what we want to a website that we own, pay for and run. The site would be nothing without the memebrs, but it would be a whole lot less without us two. If any of you are reading this, just let us do what we got to do, alright? Stop with the mardyness, and get on with your lives. Maxxd will always be here and if we got anything to do wtih it wil just get bettter and better from now on.

Ah well, i guess you cant please everyone.

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