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haha.. i havent blogged in ages, so im gonna make this one as full as possible. My head has been a right shed as of late, ive had so many things on my mind, so many things to sort out and so many things to arrange its all been a bit too much. I guess this is what self employed life is like, constanly stressing about making ends meet, and worrying if im gonna afford food to eat (i didnt make that rhyme on purpous πŸ˜› honest..) but to be honest its a lot more satisfying than just sitting here wasitng my life.

I thought last weekend was gonna be my last security shifts, but i have to work again this weekend. The site i was at last weekend was in notts, and there was supposed to be some mad open day on the sunday so i prepared for that and sat in my car near the gate most of the day – whereas usually i sit in the canteen watching films, and doing my patrols every hour. I still watched some films, but in segments so i could still do my actual job in case i was checked on.

thingy bobthingy bobthingy bob

Im at bleinheim this weekend but only for the saturday. Its LSOM on sunday and we are raising money for charity (nch) so i need to be there about half 5ish to make sure everyhting is set up right.

im glad that part of my life is drawing to a close (security) as its just not suited to me any more. I cant sit there for 12 horus at a time when i know there is things i need to do. I see it as a waste of my life 12 hours at a time. 1 more to go tho, hopefully!

Me and dave seem to be doing ok, things are progressing quite well, and the not too distant future – although it seems riddled with obstacles and set backs – looks bright. Just a few things to sort then there is no stopping us. I just wish we had the support of all of the maxxd members.

From time to time, and suprisingly only when we look to be making money, we get the impression of tension on the forums. Certain members/staff seem to snap, and post messages that are almost trying to spark an argument. I dont know why they just cant let us do what we need to do to continue to provide them WITH A FREEE FUCKING SITE TO USE FOREVER AND EVER. I mean, its not as if me or dave EVER get thanked for putting the site there, for paying month after month for the benifit of others, and dedicating our lives to something we have only JUST started benifiting from. I can see why so many sites come and go, cos it really disheartens you when all you get is shit from people who are supposed to be your friends.

The members on my superstar site regulary thank me for puttin the site there, and proving a nice place for them to chat and share their common interest, is there something different with car modders that means they are incapable of saying thank you?

Anyway, fuck all that shit.. Heres a bit of fun for Fee, HSB and any other hip hop fan who may be reading this.. name the song and artist! Dont use google, unless its to confirm a song.. i.e. dont google the lyrics! CHEATERS!

Hip Hop Quiz!

1) Man I got evidence I’m never dense and I been clever ever since, My residence was hesitant to do some shit that represents the M-O..2) Yippy yippy yay yippy ya yippy yoh, Like Deck said this aint your average flow

3) Fuck an acid tab I’ll strap the whole sheet to my forehead, Wait until it absorbed in and fell to the floor dead

4) Stay wit’ the rats ‘cuz the rats is real, Wanna fuck? Then we fuck already know the deal

5) I had a Long John but no Silver, No gold or plat, I was simply red from the years I been holdin’ back

6) funny with the money oh you got me mistaken honey

7) I would trade my life for yours, behind closed doors, the only girl that I adore, everything I’m askin for

8) Being low down I do the showdown wit’ any little ho round, no!

9) Who made these rules? We’re so confused, Easily led astray.

10) And then we’d hit the corner store for Roots, paper, and brew.

11) hear me talkin bout checkbooks, credit cards, more money than a sucker could ever spend

12) C-A-O lime will make bleach powder, Galvanic metal beats stomp out louder

13) Hope you niggas know we comin’ through full steam, Can’t see you better turn on your high beam

14) The simplest of tasks, just dont come out right, Im losing the faith, and simply losing the fight

15) Lames hide your wallets hatin broads clutch your purses tight

To be fair, to a true hip hop fan this should be easy. There is one red herring in there, see if you can tell me which one it is – and why its a red herring πŸ˜›

EMAIL me answers to : olstar[at]gmail[dot]com – as comments are published straight away, and you dont want to gie answers to anyone else do ya πŸ˜‰

Good Luck!

3 replies on “What blog?”

Keep the faith mate.

We have spent over four years now doing Maxxd stuff and have always had forum problems.

All will change as from December tho wont it πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Stay strong mate, everything will get easier in time..

Rock on 2007 πŸ˜€

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